About 80 work crews will be deployed between Brownsville and El Paso.  Each crew will consist of about 12 to 20 workers who will set posts, hand-mix concrete, attach welded wire mesh, gates, razor coil and electric shock wire.  There are 28 bridges between Brownsville and El Paso.  Border Wall Builders LLC will deploy two work crews under each bridge heading in opposite directions, for a total of 56 work crews.  We request one US Army humvee with a sniper team assigned to defend each work crew from projectiles traveling northbound out of Mexico, across the Rio Grande, into Texas.  One work crew should average completion of one 560′ section of double fencing every 3 days.  Fence construction is anticipated at a rate of about 10 miles per week for 60 weeks.  We seek funding for 10 miles east of Falcon Dam and 10 miles at Brownsville to show DHS how well these fences will work to secure the entire Texas border . . . If these fences work around maximum security prisons then why won’t they work on the border?  This fencing will assist border patrol stop about 99% of illegal river crossings into Texas.  BORDER PATROL and RGV residents want these.

Border Wall Builders LLC intends to hire, deploy, supervise and pay contractors to construct about 600 miles of fencing between Brownsville and El Paso.

Contractors will provide labor and materials to construct 56 lineal feet of fencing with one anchor post and one gate.  This is repeated many times over.  The anchor post (hinge side) of every 10th gate will be engraved with GPS coordinates and its river mile marker number.

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