Our fence design will be approved by Corps of Engineers and funded by DHS.


1) DHS provides funding to hire one GENERAL CONTRACTOR with one MANAGER

2) MANAGER hires (a) INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS and (b) CPA Bookkeeper

3) CONTRACTORS hire and deploy and provide materials to jobsite foremen and their crews.  CONTRACTORS provide a housing/travel/food allowance to each worker.  CONTRACTORS purchase materials from manufacturers.  CONTRACTORS hire surveyors to engrave GPS coordinates onto every 10th anchor post.  CONTRACTOR sends an invoice to CPA for every 560′ of fencing.

4)  CPA sends paycheck to contractor for each invoice.



60 – 3″ x 11’6″ tall schedule 40 line posts set into 12″ x 40″ concrete 4000 psi

60 panels 8′ wide x 7′ tall raw bright basic 6 gauge 3×3/4″ welded wire mesh

10 – 4″ x 13′ tall schedule 40 anchor posts set into 16″ x 48″ concrete 4000 psi

10 – 8′ wide x 8′ tall gates each with 2 hinges and 2 latches

10 panels 8′ wide x 8′ tall raw bright basic 6 gauge welded wire mesh

Anchor post #10 will be engraved with GPS coordinates and the river mile number  

524 – 6″ od 7′ tall PVC pipe set 6′ deep w/ concrete/rebar and 5″ clearance between

187 schedule 40 rail 1-5/8″ x 8′ long

80 barbed wire arms with 6 strands barbed wire and 452 electric wire insulators

1 – American FarmWorks 0.5-joule 30-mile Solar Charger SKU #121321099 

3000′ electric polywire

500′ stainless steel 36″ maze razor coil   

 ========  HOW  IT  WORKS  ===========

      #1 – Contractor installes 560 feet of fencing including ten gates

      #2 – Surveyor engraves GPS coordinates onto the tenth anchor post

      #3 – Contractor invoice to CPA contains those GPS coordinates & river mile number

      #4 – CPA prepares paycheck to contractor containing GPS coordinates & mile #

      #5 – Border Wall Builders LLC signs then delivers paycheck to contractor 

                   HOW IT WORKS:  
     For a 5% fee Border Wall Builders LLC will hire, supervise & pay the contractors listed below to construct the border fences that are described above.    

Future maintenance of fences becomes the responsibility of the SUPERVISOR of FENCE REPAIRS and repair specialists, after receiving notification of damages.  Maintenance crews will also be responsible to open all gates for drainage and remove 0.5-joule Solar Powered Low Impedance Chargers when flooding is anticipated.

Texas needs about 600 miles between Brownsville and El Paso as follows: Brownsville to Zapata = 350 continuous river miles and Laredo to El Paso installs approximately 12 bridges with 20 miles per bridge = 240 miles.  Therefore 350 miles + 280 miles = approximately 600 total miles installed in Texas as seen in the map below: