For organizational purposes our fence design is DIVIDED INTO 500 FOOT SECTIONS.     Each section will contain two fences which create a No Man’s Land.  Each fence will measure 492 lineal feet of Galvanized Chain link or Welded Wire Mesh fabric, 2 anchor posts, 2 gates, 2′ razor coil on top, 4′ tall razor wall panels and one solar powered electric fence system.

NO STRAIGHT LINE FENCES  . . . Our fencing is anticipated to veer and waver north of the existing line of trees/shrubs permanently growing to about 100 feet north from the water’s edge.  Fencing is likely to be installed on the south edge (shoulder) of the many existing border patrol roads that now run alongside the Rio Grande.  Line posts may vary on-center so as to move past obstructions and buried rocks but fabric lengths will reach 492’ lineal plus an 8′ gate = 500 feet.    

Our proposal is: Brownsville to Zapata = 350 continuous river miles and Laredo to El Paso installs approximately 12 bridges with 20 miles per bridge = 240 miles.  Therefore 350 miles + 280 miles = 600 total miles in Texas.

Contractors will engrave GPS coordinates onto each hinge-side anchor post every 500’.  All contractors will receive one paycheck upon complete installation of one 500’ fence section.  One Rio Grande Mile Number and the 4 anchor post GPS coordinates will be written onto each paycheck.  Contractors will receive 100% of their contracted fee and BWB,LLC will receive a management fee of 5%.


      #1 – Contractor notifies surveyor that 2 anchor posts are installed. 

      #2 – Surveyor engraves 1 set of GPS coordinates on the hinge post

      #3 – Contractor notifies CPA of the GPS coordinates and the river mile number

      #4 – CPA prepares paycheck to contractor

      #5 – Border Wall Builders LLC signs then delivers paycheck to contractor 


Contractor’s responsibility to the fence ends upon completion of each 500′ section.  Future maintenance of the structure now becomes the responsibility of the SUPERVISOR of FENCE REPAIRS and the repair specialists.  HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  Border Patrol notifies the SUPERVISOR of FENCE REPAIRS then a local repair specialist is sent to fix it.