BORDER WALL BUILDERS LLC is a Texas Limited Liability Company and SAM approved Federal Contractor # 080503558 / 7SUH9

CORPORATE ADDRESS:   719 Sawdust Road (#204) The Woodlands, Texas 77380    

OUR GOAL is keeping drugs and crime out of the U.S.

ABOUT DON CAMERON – Manager of Border Wall Builders LLC

“My job is to hire, deploy then pay contractors to construct fencing that has been approved by Corps of Engineers and funded by Department of Homeland Security.”


1) Commercial property manager and owner of Border Wall Builders LLC.
2) Owner of 8 total commercial properties that have an LLC designation.
3) Hired a CPA firm to be the money handlers for this Texas fence project.

4) Previous supervisor of commercial construction jobsites in:  Oregon, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, DC, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado and Utah.

5) Previous board of directors member for a bank.

6) Click here to meet Don:       


ABOUT ROBERT YOUNG of Bell Fence Company, Beaumont Texas
1) Constructed approximately 50 miles of Welded Wire Mesh high-security border fencing in the High Deserts of Arizona and New Mexico about 5 years ago
2) Hid behind dumpsters on jobsites to avoid being hit by bullets traveling northbound out of Mexico
3) Will employ american workers (with emphasis on hiring veterans) and will use products “made in America”


ABOUT RUSTY MONSEES of 4650 Monsees Road, Brownsville Texas
1) Landowner has lived on the border his entire life
2) Rented land parcels to Border Wall Builders LLC for construction of two prototypes in June, 2017
3) Rusty says: “I believe BORDER WALL BUILDERS fences will help stop 99% of people   swimming northbound across the Rio Grande.” 

================================================== Photo below shows VETERAN’S BRIDGE in Brownsville.

We hope to start fence construction HERE – – – – – – >,-97.3924403,33116m/data=!3m1!1e3