BORDER WALL BUILDERS LLC / 080503558 / Federal # 7SUH9  

     THE 99% FENCE TM is high-security Welded Wire Mesh up to 20′ tall topped with razor coil and non-lethal electric shock wire.

     We believe our fences will stop more than 99% of people from crossing the Rio Grande into Texas illegally – and also resolve about 99% of eminent domain conflicts on the entire southern border. 

       Our fence(s) will be constructed directly on top of existing border patrol access roads located within about 200 feet north of the Rio Grande.  These roads run continuously from Brownsville to El Paso.  

      If it is required a second fence could be constructed 5′ north of the first fence that will create a 5′ wide No Man’s Land for additional coils of electric razors, cameras, ground sensors, solar power panels etc.  This “second fence” will double (or triple) the stopping power.  Stay back or get hurt – then get arrested and deported.   

     SUCCESS of THE 99% FENCE requires these 3 ingredients):

#1 – high-security fencing, #2 – border patrol agents and #3 – daily maintenance crews 365 days per year.

Our intention is construct (and maintain) fences that will comply with federal document number GAO-17-331 to assist border patrol agents secure the southern border.   Border Wall Builders LLC presents the following three requests to the Department of Homeland Security:  

Request #1:  PERMISSION FOR US TO CONSTRUCT at our own expense, and at no cost to government, a 56’ long prototype on the south edge of THIS border patrol road which runs along the Rio Grande at 4650 Monsees Road in Brownsville, Texas.  This border patrol road is about 2,000′ south of our existing prototype site.

Request #2: FUNDING OF $115 million for us to construct up to 40 miles where needed, of 11′ tall high-security fences at $2,872,000 per mile, between the gulf coast waters and the western edge of Brownsville Texas, so that we may prove that our fences, combined with daily maintenance crews, will assist border patrol to stop 99+% of illegal crossings at that location.

REQUEST #3: FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO PRIVATIZE THE CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE of a high-security fence on the southern border and that Department of Homeland Security enter into a binding contract with Border Wall Builders LLC for the construction and maintenance of said high-security fence.  We ask immediate funding of $2,872,000 per mile for our Fence Design #1 to be installed in high-impact areas where needed on the U.S. border as directed by DHS.  Additional fencing may be installed as needed to achieve 99+% stopping power.    


Consultant:    Laurence L. Socci    Phone: (202) 262-5843

Email:    Twitter:   @Influenstrategy   

      Please CLICK HERE for our 2 videos:

VIDEO #1 –  DHS funding request:

VIDEO #2 –  TOUR of our Brownsville prototypes:

Pictures show the proposed location of our fence posts on top of Border Patrol access roads.  These roads are heavily surveilled by border patrol agents.  

If intruders are halted on this road for less than 5 minutes then Border Patrol will have time to reach and arrest about 99% – – – – – >

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